17 Polish Songs, op.74

Chopin Frédéric | Kurzak Aleksandra, Kwiecien Mariusz, Goerner Nelson

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45m 49s
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Chopin - 17 Polish Songs, op.74 (Kurzak, Kwiecien, Goerner)
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no.1 Życzenie 00:00 no.2 Wiosna 01:56 no.3 Smutna Rzeka 03:55 no.4 Hulanka 06:46 no.5 Gdzie Lubi 08:59 no.6 Precz z moich oczu 10:06 no.7 Posel 13:29 no.8 Sliczny Chłopiec 16:32 no.9 Melodya 19:52 no.10 Wojak 22:27 no.11 Dwojaki Koniec 25:01 no.12 Moja pieszczotka 27:21 no.13 Nie ma czego trzeba 29:17 no.14 Pierścień 34:08 no.15 Narzeczony 36:25 no.16 Piosnka litewska 38:39 no.17 Śpiew z mogiły 40:47 Aleksandra Kurzak, soprano Mariusz Kwiecien, baritone Nelson Goerner, 1848 Pleyel piano ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chopin had written a number of songs at various times. Only two of them were published in his lifetime (Życzenie and Wojak), while some of them are lost. In 1857 the 17 then known songs were collected for publication by Julian Fontana as Op. 74. A further two songs were published in 1910. The text of the songs are original poems by Chopin's Polish contemporaries. Only "Piosnka litewska" is a translation of a Lithuanian song. The recording, on authentic period instruments, was made in Warsaw and issued by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Useful links The Fryderyk Chopin Institute: Buy "The Real Chopin" collection here: Wikipedia: Imslp:,_Op.74_(Chopin,_Fr%C3%A9d%C3%A9ric) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No copyright infringement intended.