Piano Sonata No. 11, I Mov Andante grazioso

Mozart Wolfang Amadeus | Mahlen Chingya

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7m 18s
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Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 11, K331 in A Major, 1st movement, Andante grazioso
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This piano sonata has three movements: i- Andante grazioso -- a theme with six variations ii-Menuetto -- a minuet and trio iii-Alla Turca -- Allegretto (土耳其進行曲) It is one of the best known of Mozart's piano pieces. All the movements are in the key of A major or A minor. The first movement is composed in the form of Variation. The last movement is well known as "Turkish Rondo." Performer: Chingya Mahlen at 2009 NTD Television Chinese International Piano Competition. For more information about NTD's Chinese International Piano Competition visit→ English: Chinese: