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Mozart - Complete Church Sonatas
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Mozart wrote seventeen Church Sonatas (sonata di chiesa), also known as Epistle Sonatas, between 1772 and 1780. These are short single-movement pieces intended to be played during a celebration of the Mass between the Epistle and the Gospel. Three of the sonatas (Nos.12,14,17), include oboes, horns, trumpets and timpani. The rest are scored for organ and strings (with no violas, only two violins and basso continuo), where in some of them (Nos 7-10,13-15,17) the organ has an obbligato solo part, while in the sonatas Nos 1-6,11,12,16, the organ accompanies along with the figured bass. ------------------------------------------------------------ No.1 0:00:06 No.2 0:02:25 No.3 0:06:39 No.4 0:10:43 No.5 0:15:36 No.6 0:18:48 No.7 0:23:31 No.8 0:30:00 No.9 0:36:14 No.10 0:40:18 No.11 0:45:43 No.12 0:51:23 No.13 0:56:47 No.14 1:01:58 No.15 1:06:01 No.16 1:13:08 No.17 1:17:43 ------------------------------------------------------------ Painting: Bernardo Bellotto (1721-1780) - Imperial summer palace of Schönbrunn, garden façade (c.1759) ------------------------------------------------------------ No copyright infringement intended.