Time To Start

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2m 52s
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Monster Tubulum: Time To Start [thejerrymobile classic]
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I was inspired one day by the Blue Man Group and Blue Man fan community to set about creating my very own tubulum (a PVC pipe drum, or rather toned percussion instrument). I modeled my DIY tubulum after the BMG Complex Tour tubulum model because of its relatively compact size and portability. But I didn't stop there! I was determined to build a PVC percussion instrument that had as many pitches as I could fit on it (building out of 4 inch PVC tubes) which ended up to be 16 in total, while Blueman has 12 on the Complex Tour model. My tubulum is also entirely acoustic, relying solely on the physics of air moving within a tube to amplify its tones. Sure I could have built a more compact PVC instrument in my garage, but I figured that if something was worth doing, it was worth going big on. Since this one I have built two more unique PVC instruments, but I must dissuade you here, they are not currently for sale, I just don't have the time to do commissions! TheJerrymobile is a channel where you can expect to find all of the fun, crazy, opinionated, sometimes musical things that my demented mind can muster. I like cats. But more than cats I like making music with unique percussion instruments, finding unique new sounds and ways to communicate musically! I also like news. If you like news and opinion, then subscribe away my friend because we will be working hard to ensure that you are at least passably informed on current events, or at least whatever I read in the paper over my morning coffee. I also like video games though, so don't be surprised if you see me (and some special guests) playing the occasional game and hanging out with all of you wonderful people! We'll be live, we'll be chilling, it will be great. So I hope you enjoy the videos I make, because I'll enjoy them more with you watching. I hope I've won you over by this point so that you like, comment, and subscribe! Tubulum FAQ: You can get Monster Tubulum merch at Second channel: Follow me around on social media!