Musette a la Russe

Ariondo Nick | Ariondo Nick

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2m 58s
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Musette a la Russe by Nick Ariondo ~ Ariondo plays French Musette accordion
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Nick Ariondo composed his "Musette a la Russe" in 1990 in homage to the great French Musette accordionists of the early 1920s and 30s -- a new form of dance music that attracted the working class in nightclubs throughout France. The accordionists who performed this music were highly skilled craftsman with specialized technique and fast finger action -- joyful and energetic moods with fleeting/lilting melodies and rhythms that included various dance styles [Valse, Valse Musette, Paso-Doble, Java, Polka Musette, and more]. Musette accordion usually refers to a specific type of tuning where two unison reeds are tuned slightly apart from one another to create a vibration or chorus-like effect. This vibrant music has a sound and character that typically defines the music of Paris a la Francaise. Ariondo's "Musette a la Russe" is musette in the Russian/French style.