All Along The Watchtower

Hendrix Jimmy

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3m 59s
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Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower - Live Atlanta 7-4-70 - GUITAR only
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This is the isolated guitar track from the Atlanta show. Full Mix: Guitar Only: Bass Only: Drums Only: Guitar & Bass Only: Drums & Bass Only: Guitar & Drums Only: Vocal & Guitar Only: Guitar, Bass & Drum (no vocal): The show was recorded on 8 tracks, 7 for the actual show and the final track was used for timecode. Of the 7 tracks it breaks down like this: 1. Vocal 2. Guitar 3. Bass 4. Kick Drum 5. Overhead Drum 6. Snare Drum 7. Audience The bass and guitar are recorded through mics on the amps so those tracks have bleed in from the full band, as do the drums and vocal mic.