In Seven Days

Adès Thomas | Hind Rolf, Adès Thomas

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29m 55s
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Thomas Adès: In Seven Days
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Thomas Adès (*1971): "In Seven Days" for piano, video-installation and orchestra [2008] I. Chaos - Light - Dark 00:00 II. Separation of the waters into sea and sky 08:43 III. Land - Grass - Trees 13:00 IV. Stars - Sun - Moon 18:32 V. Fugue: Creatures of the Sea and Sky 21:48 VI. Fugue: Creatures of the Land 24:52 VII. Contemplation 27:19 Kölner Philharmonie, 22 May 2010 Rolf Hind, piano Tal Rosner, video-installation The Chamber Orchestra of Europe Thomas Adès, conductor