Le Fandango Varié, op. 16

Aguado Dionisio | Oliveira Rebeca

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7m 1s
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D. Aguado - Fandango Varié, Op. 16 | Rebeca Oliveira
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Dionisio Aguado y García (1784 –1849) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer of the late Classical and early Romantic periods. The fandango, a Spanish dance from the 17th century, originally emerged from a dance accompaniment by guitar and castanets - but then became one of the most important and popular rhythms of Spanish music. In the style of Antonio Soler and Luigi Boccherini, Aguado produces a transcription of an improvisation in a fandango rhythm that expresses the closeness and mutual influence of classical and popular music. Performed by Rebeca Oliveira - https://www.rebecaoliveira.com Guitar: Dieter Müller Double Top 2016 Strings: Agustine Imperial Red http://www.albertaugustine.com Guitar Support: Guitar Lift by Felix Justen https://guitarlift.de Sound and Image (Recording): David Antigüedad and Jakob Schmidt Editing: David Antigüedad