Les Quatres Saisons - Règne amour

Boismortier Joseph |

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3m 8s
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Boismortier - Règne Amour (Les Quatres Saisons) - VOX 3 Collective
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"Règne amour," from "Les Quatres Saisons" (The Four Seasons), Op. 5, No. 1: Les printemps (Spring), Movement 4. By Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689-1755). Performed by Jennifer Haworth, soprano; Christopher Buckler, flute; Michael Frigo, cello; James Morehead, harpsichord. Part of the VOX 3 Collective concert featuring the four seasons in music, called "Climate Change" at Bethany United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL, November 2010.