Le Corps à Corps

Aperghis Georges |

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9m 18s
Efectos vocales y Zorb (timbal iraní)
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George APERGHIS 'Le Corps à Corps' for Zarb and spoken voice JOHANNES FISCHER
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Prishtina International Festival REMUSICA - KOSOVO / Concert 25 may 2011 National Theatre, Pristina - KOSOVO / supported by GOETHE INSTITUTE / _____________________________________________________ Remusica 2011 10 YEARS OF REMUSICA "The fate of new music, the fate of today's composer and fate of his work" The main aim of REMUSICA, over these ten years of its existence, was popularization of contemporary music and, with it, popularization of works of Kosovar composers. The contemporary musical piece has always been in the centre of our attention. We justly considered that the best step to be undertaken towards changing the position of contemporary works, was to keep their work alive, and to find ways how to achieve this. Starting from this principle, we and my friends - Baki Jashari, Mendi Mengjiqi, Ilir Bajri, Zana Shuteriqi, and Valton Beqiri, in autumn of 2001, after many long discussions, decided to start preparation for organizing a festival of contemporary music, first as New Musical Scene of Prishtina and then we decided to name it with the more significant ReMusica (New Music). Thus, International Festival of Prishtina -- REMUSICA, came to life in spring 2002... ...The Festival REMUSICA in its program, time after time, includes also pieces of composers from other stylistic epochs (especially baroque) through which a logical stylistic parallel is drafted between contemporary and classical music... Rafet RUDI, Director of REMUSICA