Danse Maroccaine

Folk Maroc (Marruecos) | Al Kenz Ballet

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5m 49s
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A Moroccan Dance -Danse Maroccaine - Perla Elias Nemer/Al Kenz Ballet
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GO TO MARROCCO MEET THE CHIKHAT!!GET INSPIRED, DONT JUST COPY DEAR DANCERS!!! PERLA ELIAS NEMER AND AL KENZ BALLET PERFORMING "A MOROCCAN DANCE" IN "RAQS ROMA FOR GAZA FESTIVAL 2009" Choreography Perla Elias Nemer PLEASE be my guest if MY CHOREOGRAPHIC WORK based in NAWAL BENABDALLAH legacy inspires YOU also. Notice the difference between getting inspired and copying the ENTIRE THING or all of MY DANCE SEQUENCES as I've seen around. Moroccan dance is for everyone!!! But this is a CHOREOGRAPHY: it means somebody choose the song, edited it, choose costumes, choose the steps, choose dance links, choose everything inside and PUT IT TOGETHER , performed it, postproducted it. This person was me... Or at least dear sister dancer: BE HONEST and put MY NAME ON IT or you GIVE credit to the first person who started to do moroccan dance seriously, that means NAWAL BENABDALLAH!!!. otherwise THINK FOR YOURSELF and STOP selling my choreographic WORK as yours. Lots of people know this beauty choreography, sooner or later people will know you've all copied from me. THE BEST ADVISE: Go TO MAROCCO its NEVERENDING INSPIRATION!!! you'll find all there YOU DONT NEED ME! Costumes Karima Stella Aghanim Video Editing Claudia Staffoli & Perla Elias Nemer Dancers Perla Elias Nemer (Lebanon-Mexico-Italy) Fiammetta Rosato (Italy) Micaela Palazzo (Italy-Morocco) Karima Stella Aghanim (France-Algerie) Claudia Staffoli (Italy) Julia Haussener (Swizerland-Italy) Amada Verdu (Spain-Italy) Valentina Barella (ItalyI