Moto Perpetuo

Paganini Niccoló | Ariondo Nick

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5m 27s
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PERPETUAL MOTION (Moto Perpetuo) by N. Paganini / N. Ariondo, Nick Ariondo ~ free-bass accordion
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Nick Ariondo's first introduction to Paganini's "Perpetual Motion" was during his early studies with renown classical accordionist Anthony Galla-Rini. The great 19th century violinist Niccolo Paganini composed his 'Moto Perpetuo" for violin with piano accompaniment. After 4 years with Galla-Rini, Nick moved on to study jazz with the famous jazz accordionist Tommy Gumina (of Buddy DeFranco/Tommy Gumina fame). With Gumina, Nick learned the free-bass accordion, playing Gumina's custom built instrument designed for Tommy Gumina by the Imperial Accordion Company of Chicago. As Nick progressed on the free-bass, Gumina introduced him to Paganini's "Perpetual Motion" where they worked together, utilizing the left hand/right hand technique of the free-bass to its fullest capacity.....During his studies with Gumina and throughout years of serious study, practice techniques, composing & arranging, Nick Ariondo came to develop this incomparable arrangement in parallel/contrary motion on both left and right hands, in unisons, 3rds, 5ths mixed with chordal and melodic inventiveness -- a perpetual whirlwind of technical velocity in the highest order. Nick plays Gumina's free-bass Imperial accordion on this video performance -- this free-bass left-hand system is made up of single notes only (no pre-set chords). Other videos you can see Ariondo playing the standard 'stradella' left--hand system (another ingenious set-up of single-notes and pre-set chords patterns). Whether free-bass, chromatic or piano accordion, it's all a matter of approach -- the instrument is the vehicle driven by the mastery and skillfulness of the performer.