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Pin Pon - LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes
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Let`s sing with the Pin Pon! Sing this awesome song for kids with LooLooKids. ?Listen on SPOTIFY - ?Download our app: ?Subscribe to our channel because new videos are uploaded every week! ?Follow us on Facebook for new updates! ?Tweet to us! ?Instagram: ?? Watch the LooLoo Kids Playlist: Click on your favourite song? 0:00 Pin Pon 1:52 Looby Loo 4:08 Five Little Monkeys 6:24 Mommy`s walking to the market 8:19 Zigaloo Dance 10:37 London Bridge is Falling Down 12:18 Yankee Doodle 14:05 A Ram Sam Sam 19:03 Skidamarink 20:37 Baby Shark 22:20 Apples and Bananas 24:50 Peek-a-boo 26:39 Old MacDonald 27:57 Seven Days 29:57 Five Little Friends 31:55 Little Bo-Peep 33:32 Bingo 35:24 The Farmer in the Field 38:52 Rig-a-jig-jig 40:09 Hot Cross Buns 41:35 She`ll be coming round the mountain 42:14 Five Little Ducks 44:04 Round the mulberry Brush 44:40 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep 46:49 The Frog Song 48:12 Animal Sounds 49:58 Are You Sleeping, Brother John 52:05 A-tisket, A-Tasket 53:47Jack and Jill 56:14 I`m a little Teapot Pin Pon Lyrics Pin Pon the cardboard dolly Looks like a little boy, He washes in the morning, Though he is just a toy. He combs his hair so neatly And he looks really nice, And even when it's painful, He never ever cries. Pin Pon enjoys a good soup, He's careful when he eats, He never slurps his water, That's why he gets some treats. And when the day is over, He always goes to bed, And he likes to be ready For the new day ahead. We'll always be together, As days go on and on, You'll be with me forever, My little friend Pin Pon. LooLoo Kids is the place where children find all their favorite nursery rhymes and songs with lyrics. Johnny, Johnny, Yes Papa, The Wheels On The Bus, Peek-a Boo and hundreds of beautiful educational songs are entertaining kids around the world. The best English learning lessons for kids are now the Musical Adventures of Johnny & Friends. They sing, dance and learn while having a lot of fun. Children are learning to count, to recognize colors, to spell the Alphabet. Rhyming is the new flavour of learning! We are always happy to hear from you! Please share your feedback on our nursery rhymes in the comments or through our social media! Play with kids. Kidergarten songs, Baby songs. ? Enjoy other LooLoo Kids nursery rhymes: Johny, Johny Yes Papa Cobbler, Cobbler Mend My Shoe - Five Little Ducks - ?ABC SONG? | Learn alphabet with Johny - Baby Shark Zigaloo Dance - Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by experts in children's education! Nursery rhymes in English, canciones en inglés