The best symphonies

Haydn Joseph | Doráti Antal

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Haydn: The best symphonies
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Haydn: The best symphonies The best 12 symphonies (out of 104) by Joseph Haydn. 01. Symphony no.6 in D major ("Morning") 00:00 Adagio - Allegro Adagio - Andante - Adagio Menuet Finale: Allegro 02. Symphony no.22 in E flat major ("Philosopher") 23:36 Adagio Presto Menuet Finale: Presto 03. Symphony no.31 in D major ("Hornsignal") 43:06 Allegro Adagio Menuet Finale: Moderato Molto 04. Symphony no.44 in E minor ("Mourning") 01:09:41 Allegro con brio Menuet Adagio Finale: Presto 05. Symphony no.45 in F sharp minor ("Farewell") 01:33:22 Allegro assai Adagio Menuet Finale: Presto - Adagio 06. Symphony no.49 in F minor ("Passion") 01:59:44 Adagio Allegro Molto Menuet Presto 07. Symphony no.52 in C minor 02:23:50 Allegro assai con brio Andante Menuet Finale: Presto 08. Symphony no.82 in C major ("Bear") 02:46:17 Vivace assai Allegretto Menuet Finale: Vivace 09. Symphony no.88 in G major 03:12:17 Adagio - Allegro Largo Menuet Finale: Allegro con spirito 10. Symphony no.94 in G major ("Surprise") 03:32:54 Adagio - Vivace assai Andante Menuet Finale: Allegro molto 11. Symphony no.103 in E flat major ("Drumroll") 03:55:30 Adagio - Allegro con spirito Andante piu tosto allegretto Menuet Finale: Allegro con spirito 12. Symphony no.104 in D major ("London") 04:24:57 Adagio - Allegro Andante Menuet Finale: Spiritoso