Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r

Bach Johann Sebastian | Black Emma

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21m 7s
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Bach - Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r - Black | Netherlands Bach Society
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This Concerto for Oboe in F major, performed by Emma Black and the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach, is a reconstruction of an oboe concerto, based on the keyboard concerto in E major, BWV 1053. Oboists did fairly well out of Bach, as his oeuvre contains more than two hundred oboe solos. They often concern one or two oboes in opening choruses and arias in the cantatas. But the true solo repertoire is sparse. For example, no solo concertos for oboe have survived. There are indications that Bach did indeed compose oboe concertos, whose manuscripts and parts have been lost over the years. For a complete oboe concerto, however, we have to rely on reconstructions, such as this Oboe Concerto in F major BWV 1053r. Recorded for the project All of Bach on December 6th 2019 at Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden. If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel and consider donating This recording was made with support of L.C.M. Gieles, The Netherlands. For more information on BWV 1053r and this production go to All of Bach is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society / Nederlandse Bachvereniging, offering high-quality film recordings of the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and its guest musicians. Visit our free online treasury for more videos and background material For concert dates and further information go to Netherlands Bach Society Emma Black, oboe 0:00 Allegro 8:34 Siciliano 13:56 Allegro