Pictures at an Exhibition

Mussorgski Modest, Ravel Deluarte Maurice | Solti Georg

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42m 49s
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Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition + Encore Solti Chicago Symphony Orchestra 1990 Movie Live
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Approximately September 15, Japan-based YouTube channel "192bps Sound" privated all their videos. According to Bing, this video had 526,000 views at time of privatation. I happen to be a big fan of Pictures, so I had this saved on a hard drive. Saved in original quality, with original title. Upload now Private. Original Link: Original Description: "S-VHS → PC 1. Mussorgsky (Ravel): "Pictures at an Exhibition" - [0:23] 2. Berlioz: Rakoczy March - [37:26] Georg Solti Chicago Symphony Orchestra 1990.4.15 Tokyo. Japan Live" Have a video you want archived? email me at