Landscape with Birds

Vasks Pēteris | Faust Michael

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8m 15s
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Pēteris Vasks - Landscape with Birds
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- Composer: Pēteris Vasks (16 April 1946 -- present) - Performer: Michael Faust (flute) - Year of recording: 2012 Landscape With Birds [Ainava ar putniem] for flute solo, written in 1980. One movement, marked 'Misterioso' "Landscape with Birds" was written by Latvian composer Vasks for the flautist Imants Sneibis, and was first performed by him in Riga on 11 November 1980. In this work, Vasks uses extreme contrasts between registers and short, rapidly repeated figures to personify birdsong. The performer is required to sing while playing to create an unusual, mysterious effect. It could almost have been a minimal lost instance of Messiaen's bird-oriented works. The piece unfolds as a free fantasia on a number of motifs that are in a constant state of change and transformation. It opens with spectral sounds on the flute, whose range of timbral possibilities are exploited to the utmost, complemented by whirling rhythmic patterns and fanciful arabesques that similarly open-out the music’s expressive range. At length the flute touches on a more forceful expression that brings about the dramatic and even histrionic climax (which is itself more than a little redolent of the writing in what is arguably the defining piece within the repertoire for unaccompanied flute – Densité 21.5 by Varèse), but this is to prove short-lived as the music returns to its initial manner and the piece duly plays out in a varied return of some of those motifs previously heard, before another whirling ostinato sees it vanish altogether.