Shake That Thing! (5´35´´)

Folk USA | Abe Lyman Orchestra

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54m 12s
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"Shake That Thing! - Abe Lyman Orchestra" @ Mike Durham's International ClassicJazzParty 1022, Nov 5
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The last theme for the day, November 5th 2022 @ The Village Hotel, Whitley Bay, England as part of Mike Durham's International Classic Jazz Party, was "Shake That Thing - Abe Lyman Orchestra". Reading from the programme: "Bandleader/drummer Abe Lyman saw success and recorded extensively in Los Angeles. Josh Duffee presents hot and sweet 1925 - 1930 music from his 'name' orchestra and 'Sharps and Flats'. Torstein Kubban, Enrico Tomasso (trumpets); Graham Hughes (trombone); David Horniblow (reeds); Andrew Oliver (piano); Jacob Ullberger (banjo, guitar); Harry Evans (tuba, string bass); Richard Pite (drums); Roya Naldi (vocals)." Still going strong, after quite a few hours of video-graphing, holding on to the SONY HandyCam FDR-AX100 in FX High Quality mode, trying to keep it steady and focused, documented the day's last theme in one-go, unedited nor cut, for your pleasure.