Begin The Beguine

Porter Cole | Andrew Sisters , Glenn Miller Orchestra

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2m 59s
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Begin The Beguine - The Andrews Sisters & Glenn Miller Orchestra
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A separate upload of "Begin The Beguine" requested by LovedbyKenubus. I hope that you and everyone along with you enjoy this song. I have the recording of this song by the Andrews Sisters and I'll post that up as well, but not in the mean time. Videos used: Footage From "Road to Rio" (You Don't Have To Know The Language) V-Disc Video Recording of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Footage From "Buck Privates" Footage From "In The Navy" (Gimme Some Skin, My Friend) Footage From "What's My Line?" I DO NOT OWN ANY SONGS/PICTURES/VIDEOS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.