Gypsy Jazz/Gitan

Ariondo Nick | Ariondo Nick

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6m 32s
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GYPSY JAZZ/GITAN by Nick Ariondo-Django Reinhardt
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Nick Ariondo, accordion & composer, mixes his 'Gypsy Jazz' influences with Django Reinhardt's French-gypsy jazz style as notable colleagues Benedikt Brydern-violin and John Reynolds-guitar eventually join in. Ariondo's solo accordion opens with his unique version of Romanian / Russian gypsy music followed by a musical montage of accordin, violin & guitar and Reinhardt's 'Gitan' as arranged by Ariondo. Nick navigates as the veteran trio seamlessly weaves around driving rhythms, melodic inventiveness and gypsy improv. throughout the ever-changing musical tapestry. Highest regards and respect go out to musicians Ben Brydern & John Reynolds in collaboration with accordionist/composer Nick Ariondo as we are all blessed with the music of Django Reinhardt -- a man who created his very own vocabulary of jazz according to Django. Merci!...Long live the music of the gypsies!