Lecuona Ernesto | Ariondo Nick

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9m 19s
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MALAGUEÑA • Nick Ariondo, virtuoso accordionist
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Deanna and Devin have long awaited for Nick Ariondo's 'awesome' rendition of Malaguena...and Here It Is!!...THE ACCORDION - AS NEVER BEFORE IMAGINED! This unparalleled version for solo accordion fully exploits all possibilities and explores the accordions' orchestral range from the most suble nuances to earthshattering outbursts rich in dynamic contrast and sound.textures -- a new definitive version! Ernesto Lecuona (1896 -- 1963) of Cuban ancestry, became known for such popular classics as Siboney, Andalucia, Cordoba, Gitanerias, Malaguena and many more....Malaguena became a worldly recognized work performed by many great instrumentalists and orchestras throughout the decades. Nick Ariondo's concert appearances with the incredible violinist Rima Rudina featured Nick in a solo spot where she insisted that Nick play his unpredictable version of Malaguena that always brought the house standing with applause. Ariondo's version fully extends the versatility and virtuosity of the accordion in all completeness from the mastery of the left-hand buttons to the right-hand keyboard and bellows while integrating his very own unique composing/arranging style. Thanks to Patrick Salis for video production. Visit Nick's YouTube links in the Flamenco style for accordion & guitar and de Falla's "Danse Espagnole" with Heifetz virtuoso violinist Ayke Agus