Persian Dance-Ghajar رقص ایرانی قاجار

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Persian Dance-Ghajar رقص ایرانی قاجار
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The Iranian dance Ghajar (رقص ایرانی قاجار) (My Dance)performed by Setareh Kavianian and Baghar Rabii, students from Persian dance Academy for My Iran (Iran-e-Man) TV in Portland. Choreographers: Sima Maleki and Hengameh Modaresi. Director of video: Dave Slay. Produced by the facilities of TVCTV, Beaverton. Proceded by My Iran TV Portland Oregon. MY Dance My dance is an homage to the history of Persian dance which flourished twice in our history once during the Hakhamaneshian (Achemanides) Dynasty, called court dance and later during Qajar Dynasty or harem dance due to their movements and characteristic of the dances. My Dance finishes with the movements from our folk dances which has been part of our nomadic life for centuries.