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Vertigo // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)
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#MurderAtTheSymphony #DNSO #FilmMusicLive Want to experience The Danish National Symphony Orchestra live? Watch the full concert: Composed by Bernard Herrmann Conducted by Sarah Hicks In May 2019, The Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) aired a concert called “Murder at the Symphony” performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra /DR SymfoniOrkestret, with various soloists conducted by Sarah Hicks. The concert was hosted by film and arts journalist Maria Månson Featured composers were Bernard Herrmann, Nina Rota, Angelo Bardalamenti, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Hans Zimmer, J.S. Bach and many more. The music performed at the concerts was sound tracks from blood dripping stories, movies and TV-series such as Phycho, Vertigo, The Silence of the Lambs, Twin Peaks and the Godfather. ”Murder at the Symphony” is an original production by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra performed and recorded in DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark Conceptual design and executive producer: Nicolai Abrahamsen All rights reserved ©DR2019 #FilmMusicLive #MurderInTheSymphony