Symphony no.2 for Strings & Trumpet, H.153 - III. Vivace, non troppo

Honnegger Arthur |

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5m 43s
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A Far Cry - Arthur Honegger: Symphony no.2 for Strings & Trumpet, H.153 III. Vivace, non troppo
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From a series of concerts entitled, "The Poet" which was featured during our last concert cycle of the 2009-2010 season. The idea was to concoct a program of music that had been written during, and pieces lamenting the devastating Second World War, with a set of Jazz standards from the period as the center piece & sandwiched with 2 of Paul Sacher commissioned masterpieces of the era: opening with Arthur Honegger's 2nd Symphony for Strings and Trumpet & concluding the program with Richard Strauss's Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings. Trumpeter, John Russell joins AFC on this last movement of Honegger's War Symphony, and reflecting back, the composer himself wrote of the piece: "For over a year I gathered together a few vague ideas; none of them satisfied me. Eventually during the sad days of the Occupation, I threw myself into the quartets of Beethoven and the influence of these magnificent pieces stimulated & enabled me to start work." Recorded live for A Far Cry by Simon C. Yue on April 2nd, 2010 inside New England Conservatory's acoustically plush, Jordan Hall.